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Year 3

Phase 2 at Spalding Parish Church of England Day School includes Year 2 and Year 3.  Whilst in Phase 2 your child will be supported through their transitional journey of leaving Key Stage One and entering Key Stage Two. 

As a team we continue to build on and develop the children's ability to be independent and resilient learners.  We encourage the children to use a variety of self-help strategies including 3B4ME, (3 before me), Help Desks and Learning Partners and to develop ownership of their own learning experience.   

The Phase 2 Curriculum has been carefully mapped out through the teaching of discrete subjects within an over-arching topic as well as allowing areas of Mathematics and English to be linked and developed through the children's Learning Journeys such as directional vocabulary through the journeys we take and recounts based on real life experiences and visits.  We strive to make learning fun and hands on using a variety of starting points, trips and workshops in School.

Through Class Presentations the children are able to share their learning with the rest of the School and Parents/Carers, showcasing the broad and balanced Curriculum they are accessing. Home learning opportunities will be made available for you to be able to support your child with the consolidation of key skills.

Maths Meander Launch (pdf)

Maths Meander Parent Booklet (pdf)

Maths Meander Guide for Home (pdf)

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Phase 3

Phase 3 at SPCEDS is an exciting place to further your learning from Phase 2 before that transition to secondary school. We are made up of two classes in Year 4, 5 and 6. As a team, we take great pride and delight in planning an enriched curriculum to ensure that all our children continue to be successful, independent learners who feel happy and safe in school. As your child progresses through Phase 3 they will cover a range of skills based topics, implementing and developing the skills taught in Maths and English.  Opportunities will be made available to give the children real life experiences that will give a purpose to their learning, e.g. trips, visitors, challenge weeks etc. The children will have regular access to performance areas, the outdoor environment and a wide use of ICT to enhance their learning, including the safe and responsible use of technologies.  The children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is also very important to us and will be considered and developed through the use of tailored PSHE lessons and our ethos of nurturing practice. Through SEAL, (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) they will learn to consider others, talk about why it is good to be them and set themselves goals which they hope to achieve by the end of each term.  We will also continue to pride ourselves as being part of a Thinking School, making use of Thinking Toolkits. Thinking Tools and Philosophy for Children play an active role in their thinking and learning. They enjoy the opportunity of being part of the community, going on trips and looking forward to welcoming visitors to our school.