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Year 6 Information and Letters

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Letters 2018/2019

Term 3

Y6 SATs Presentation (pdf)

Y5 and Y6 Fencing Club(pdf)

Matilda Trip - Show ticket paid (pdf)

Matilda Trip - Coach paid (pdf)

Y6 SATs Meeting (pdf)

Year 6 Head Lice January 2019 (pdf)

Term 2

Head Lice December 2018 (pdf)

Boxercise Year 6 - Term 2 (pdf)

Visit to Peterborough Cathedral (pdf)

Term 1

Proposed Visit to Matilda - March 2019 (pdf)

National Requirements for Swimming (pdf)

Cooking Club (pdf)

Year 6 Parent Consultation Meetings (pdf)

Secondary School Admissions Sept 2019 (pdf)

After School Club - Choir (pdf)

After School Club - Boxercise Year 6 (pdf)


Letters 2017/2018

Term 6

Photography of School Events (pdf)

Archery After School Club (pdf) 

Thank You Year 6 (pdf)

SATs Breakfast Club (pdf)

Final Assembly T-Shirt (pdf)

Y6 Breakfast Club (pdf)

Y6 SATs Parents Meeting (pdf)

Cinema Trip (pdf)

Leavers Hoody Order Form (pdf)

Leavers Hoody (pdf)

SATs Newsletter (pdf)

Head Lice (pdf)

We Will Rock You - Resheduled Visit (pdf)

Parent Consultation Evenings (pdf)

Aladdin  Theatre Trip - Thank You and Refund (pdf)

'We Will Rock You' (pdf)

Aladdin Theatre Trip Final Details (pdf)

Phase 3 Reading Morning (pdf)

Proposed Visit to Aladdin - London (pdf)

Phase 3 Christmas Party (pdf)

Key Stage 2 Carol Concert (pdf)

Author Visit (pdf)

Y6 KB Parent Consultation Evening (pdf)

Y5 and Y6 Job Roles (pdf)

Into Film Festival (pdf)

Year 6 Visit to Peterborough Cathedral (pdf)

Boxercise (pdf)

Spalding Town Libary - World Record Attempt (pdf)

Family Clubbercise (pdf)

Phase 3 Reading Morning (pdf)

Year 6 Visit to Caythorpe Court (pdf)

Stay and Play (pdf)

Y6 Parent Consultation Meetings (pdf)

SPCEDS School Choir (pdf)