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Year 3 Information and Letters

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Letters 2018/2019

Term 1

Year 3 Visit to Flag Fen (pdf)

Year 3 Stone Age Day (pdf)

Y3KS - Class Teacher (pdf)

School Flu Vaccination Letter (pdf)

Phase 2 Clubs (pdf)

After School Club - Choir (pdf)

After School Club - Tri Golf - Year 3 (pdf)

Letters 2017/2018 

Term 6

Year 3/4 Swimming Term 1 (pdf)

Archery After School Club Year 3 (pdf)

Term 5

Year 3 Swimming Term 6 (pdf)

Year 3 Club Letter (pdf)

Roman Gladiator Workshop (dpf)

Year 3 Swimming Term 5 (pdf)

Term 3

Parent Consultaion Evenings (pdf)

Year 3 Swimming Term 4 (pdf)

Phase 2 Clubs (pdf)

Year 3 Headlice Letter (pdf)

Change for Life Breakfast Club (pdf)


Term 2

Phase 2 Christmas Party (pdf)

Year 3 Swimming 2018 (pdf)

KS2 Carol Concert (pdf)

Year 3 Head Lice (pdf)

Flag Fen Reminder Letter (pdf)

Boxercise (pdf)

Family Clubbercise (pdf)

Change for Life Breakfast Club (pdf)

Year 3 Flag Fen Trip (pdf)

Stone Age Day (pdf)

Stay and Play (pdf)

Head Lice (pdf)

SPCEDS School Choir (pdf)


Letters 2016/2017

Swimming Term 1 2017-18 (pdf)

School Disco (pdf)

Year 3 Swimming Term 6 (pdf)

Year 3 and Year 4 Stone Age Day May 2017 (pdf)

Year 3 Recycling Materials May 2017 (pdf)

Year 2 and Year 3 - English Learning - A Walk around Spalding (pdf)

Flag Fen Reply Slip and FSM Request (pdf)

Educational Visit to Flag Fen (pdf)

Year 3 Swimming Term 5 (pdf)

Y3NP/RW Parent Consultation Evening postponed (pdf)

Year 3 Swimming Term 4 (pdf)

SPCEDS Football Club (pdf)

Head Lice Jan 17 (pdf)

Year 3 Swimming 2017 (pdf)

Christmas Film Club (pdf)

Year 3 Den Building Workshop (pdf)

PE Kit Letter (pdf)

Disco 20th October 2016 (pdf)

LKS2 Roman Gladiator (pdf)

Y3 Headlice (pdf)

Big Ol' Friendly Giant Workshop (pdf)

Stay and Play (pdf)

Stay and Play poster (pdf)

School Choir (pdf)

Dads, Lads and Lasses (pdf)