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Why Choose School Meals Over Packed Lunches?

Research by the Children's Food Trust shows that school meals are now consistently more nutritious than packed lunches, giving the children who eat them a better foundation for good health.  Watch The School Food Plan's very informative film if you would like to learn more about the wide spread benefits of switching from packed lunches to a school meal. 

Can School Meals make a difference?

Jamie Oliver’s campaign introduced drastic changes in the meals offered in 81 (out of 88) schools in the London borough of Greenwich, shifting from low-budget processed meals high in saturated fat, salt and sugar towards healthier options. A 2009 study confirmed the significant benefits the campaign had on educational attainment.

The research showed that healthy school meals significantly improved educational outcomes, in particular in English and Science, and led to a 15% reduction in absenteeism due to sickness. A Children's Food Trust study has shown that children in primary schools are 3x more likely to concentrate in the classroom following improvements to the food and dining room.

Good food really does make a difference!