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Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo)

Who is the SENCo?

The SENCo at our school is Denise Parker.

When is the SENCo available and how do I contact her?

Denise Parker does not have a Teaching responsibility. If you would like to meet with her to discuss your child's needs then please contact the School office to make an appointment. Alternatively you can email her at denise.parker@spaldingparish.lincs.sch.uk

What does the SENCo do? 

Denise is responsible for anything relating to 'Special Educational Needs and Disabilities' (SEND) within the school.  This makes sure that any special educational needs are identified and that support is put in place to help them.  Other duties include:

  • Supporting staff
  • Supporting parents/carers
  • Making referrals to outside agencies
  • Linking with outside agencies, gathering advice and making sure that it is put in place
  • Providing the correct help and equipment for pupils
  • Linking with other schools to support transitions
  • Making requests for statutory assessment

How can the SENCo help me?

Denise will be able to offer advice about how to identify if your pupil has any special educational needs and what support they might need.  She can make direct referrals to many outside agencies and lead multi-agency meetnigs to make sure that your child's needs are met in school.  She can also provide advice about any family needs and suggest who can help.

What experience and qualifications does the SENCo have?

Denise is a qualified teacher and holds the National SENCo award, a qualification now needed by all SENCos.  She is also part of the Senior Leadership Team within SPCEDS.  She has been teaching for 19 years and has been a SENCo for over 9 years.

Denise leads the South Holland SENCo cluster group, so that SENCos across the area can meet, share good practice and support each other across the local area.  She also supports the SEND Team at the Local Authority.  She is also a designated Specialist Leader of Education with the Keystone Teaching School Alliance.

Denise has previously taught in our Nurture Group and has attended many courses and training events on specific difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Autism, Nurture and Behaviour to name just a few. Denise is an accredited Nurture Practitioner and has led the Nurture Group to gain its Boxall Quality Mark Award.