We are a caring Christian Community built on Compassion, Trust, Friendship and Hope



Term 3

SPCEDS Easter Fayre (pdf)

Little Miracles Charity Valentines Family Disco (pdf)

Year 1, 2 and 3 Disco (pdf)

Year 4, 5 and 6 Disco (pdf)

Scarlet Fever Factsheet (pdf)

Scarlet Fever 2019 (pdf)

Proud to be Parish Jan 19 (pdf)

SHS Addams Family Production (pdf)

Weather Conditions (pdf)

BBC Lincolnshire Weather Ad (pdf)

Coffee Morning (pdf)

Family Line Leaflet (pdf)

Family Line Postcard (pdf)

Family Line BC (pdf)

Number Day (pdf)

NSPCC Drop Your Books and Boogie (pdf)

Scholastic Book Fair (pdf)

Parent Parking (pdf)

NHS Flyer - Norovirus/Winter Vomiting (pdf)

NSPCC - Speak Out, Stay Safe (pdf)

Sports Clubs for Terms 3 and 4 (pdf)

Term 2

Ofsted Letter to Parents/Carers (pdf)

Phase 3 Christmas Party(pdf)

Phase 2 Christmas Party (pdf)

Phase 1 Christmas Party (pdf)

Photography of School Events (pdf)

Christmas Jumper Day (pdf)

SPCEDS Kitchen Colouring Competition (pdf)

Flu Vaccination Clinics - FS2 to Y5 ONLY (pdf)

KS2 Carol Concert (2) - Year 3 to Year 6 ONLY (pdf)

SPCEDS Christmas Market (pdf)

Bedtime Story Christmas Special (pdf)

Parent/Carer Questionnaire Letter (pdf)

Healthy School Food (pdf)

KS2 Carol Concert - Year 3 to Year 6 ONLY (pdf)

Provision of Birthday Treats for the Class (pdf)

Cancellation of After School Clubs for Parent/Carer Consultation Week (pdf)

Snow Queen Flyer (pdf)

Parent Consultation Evenings (pdf)

World Diabetes Day and Children in Need (pdf)

Flu Vaccination reminder - Lithuanian (pdf)

Flu Vaccination reminder Flyer - EE Languages (pdf)

Christmas Wrap (pdf)

Ofsted Letter to Parents/Carers (pdf)

School Inspections - a guide for parents/carers (pdf)

Outdoor PE Year 1 - Year 6  (pdf)

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal (pdf)

Lincolnshire Parents/Carers Meetings (pdf)

Christmas Present Wrap Shop (pdf)

Harvest Festival Collection 2018 (pdf) 

Term 1

Bogs & Bugs Workshop (pdf)

Christmas Angel (pdf)

Photograph Order October 2018 (pdf)

Butterfly Production SHC (pdf)

STEM Festival Flyer (pdf)

School Disco Y4, Y5 and Y6 (pdf)

School Disco Y1, Y2 and Y3 (pdf)

Harvest Festival Church Service - Y1 to Y6 ONLY(pdf)

Patron of Reading - Billy Bob Buttons (pdf)

Billy Bob Buttons Price List (pdf)

Design a Christmas Card Project (pdf)

Intended Visits & Visitors 2018-2019 (pdf)

Parking October (pdf)

Term 2 Lunches (pdf)

Term 2 Menu 1 (pdf)

Term 2 Menu 2 (pdf)

Christmas Lunch (pdf)

Pumpkin Carving (pdf)

Pumpkin Festival (pdf)

Online Free School Meals Application for Parents/Carers (pdf)

FSM Guideance for Parents/Carers (pdf)

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon (pdf)

Individual School Photographs (pdf)

Parking (pdf)

Parental Support Questionnaire Year 1 - 6 (pdf)

Start and End of the School Day (pdf)

Correct School Uniform (pdf)

Home Learning Guidelines Year 1-6 Only (pdf)

Absence of children from school (pdf)

Sports Clubs - Years 1 - Year 6 (pdf)

Important Reminder - Children's Absences (pdf)

Roald Dahl Day Years 1 - 6 only (pdf)



Term 6

Stage Coach Summer Workshop (pdf)

Summer Holiday Clubs (pdf)

Staff Changes (pdf)

Family Fun Day (pdf)

Mini Rugby Flyer (pdf)

Spalding United Football Flyer (pdf)

Activate (pdf)

School Meals for Friday 13th July (pdf)

Summer Kitchen Competition (pdf)

Parent Consultation Evening July 2018 (pdf)

School Disco Y3,Y4 and Y5 (pdf)

School Disco FS2,Y1and Y2 (pdf)

Choir Newsletter (pdf)

National Sports Week (pdf)

Sun Safety (pdf)

Summer Fayre (pdf)

Sports Day 2018 (pdf)

Scholastic Book Fair (pdf)

Fit for Sport Flyer (pdf)

Fit for Sport Passport (pdf)

Stay and Play (pdf)

Local Authority Parental Survey Flyer (pdf)

Piano Lessons 2018/19 (pdf)

Give it a Go 1 (pdf)

Give it a Go 2 (pdf)

Spalding Children's Centre (pdf)

Badminton Trials 2018 (pdf)

Bitesize Parenting Group (pdf)

Archery Have a go Weekend (pdf)

Boston United Girls Trials (pdf)

Term Dates 2018/19 (pdf)

School Disco Y1, 2 and 3 (pdf)

School Disco Y4 , 5 and 6 (pdf) 

Term 5

Shining Stars (pdf)

SPCEDS Summer Fayre (pdf)

E-Safety Competition (pdf)

Bite Size (pdf)

Class Photographs (pdf)

Privacy Notice - Lithuanian Version (pdf)

Privacy Notice - Polish Version (pdf)

GDPR - Lithuanian Version (pdf)

GDPR - Polish Version (pdf)

Online Learning Consent (pdf)

Publicity Consent (pdf)

Privacy Notice Agreement (pdf)

GDPR (pdf)

School Lunch Change - Around the World Day (pdf)

SEND Support Workshops (pdf)

Author Visit (pdf)

Inflatable Colour Dash Flyer (pdf)

Sun Safety (pdf)


Term 4

Chair of Governors Letter(pdf)

Head Teachers Letter(pdf)

Sport Relief (pdf)

Parenting Advice Sessions (pdf)

The Romans are coming - Flier (pdf)

Macmillam Easter Egg Hunt (pdf)

Clubs for Term 5 and 6 (pdf)

World Book Day Lunch - Rescheduled Date (pdf)

World Book Day - Rescheduled Date (pdf)

Sport Relief (pdf)

South Holland Open Arts Exhibition (pdf)

Easter Kids Camp (pdf)

Fit for Sport Active Passport (pdf)

Bikeability Instructor Training (pdf)

Science Week - Family Challenge (pdf)

SPCEDS Kitchen Colouring Competition (pdf)

ICT School Acceptable Use Policy (pdf)

Acceptable Use Policy - FS2/KS1 Students (pdf)

Acceptable Use Policy - KS2 Students (pdf)

School Closure (pdf)

Weather Conditions (pdf)

World Book Day Lunch (pdf)

World Book Day (pdf)

Bikeability Learn to Ride - Year 1 and Year 2 (pdf)

Bikeability Learn to Ride - Parental Information (pdf)

Easter Fayre 2018 (pdf)

London Landmarks Half Marathon (pdf)

Term 3

Y4, Y5 and Y6 Disco (pdf)

Y1, Y2 and Y3 Disco (pdf)

Number Day 2018 (pdf)

Children's Absences (pdf)

Scholastic Book Fair (pdf)

Parent Carer Forum (pdf)

Boston United Family Sport Club (pdf)

SPCEDS has got Talent (pdf)

Bite Size (Let's Talk Parenting) (pdf)

Book Amnesty (pdf)

Parking (pdf)

Extra-Curricular Clubs (pdf)

Correct School Uniform (pdf)

Let's Get Ready to Meander (pdf)

Christmas Ramble Challenge (pdf)

Christmas Jumper Day - Reminder (pdf)

Viral Cough (pdf)

Weather Conditions (pdf)

Snowline Poster 2017 (pdf)

Parent / Carer Questionnaires (pdf)

Spalding Children's Centre Events Dec17 (pdf)

Sutton Bridge Children's Centre Activities Dec 17 (pdf)

What's On Guide Spalding Children's Centre Dec 17 (pdf)

Holbeach Children's Centre Activities Dec 17 (pdf)

Phase 3 Christmas Party (pdf)

Photography of School Events (pdf)

Road Safety (pdf)

Christmas Jumper Day (pdf)

New School Entrance (pdf)

Maths Meander (pdf)

Bitesize Parenting Course (pdf)

Termly Pupil Reports Term 2 (pdf)

Parent/Carer Questionnaire Term 2 (pdf)

Governance at SPCEDS (pdf)

Outdoor PE - Year 1 - Year 6 (pdf)

KS2 Carol Concert (pdf)

Bedtime Story Christmas Special (pdf)

Parent Coffee Afternoon (pdf)

What's on Guide. Spalding Children's Centre (pdf)

Parent Consultation Evening November 2017 (pdf)

Bite Size. Let's Talk Parenting. (pdf)

Poppy Appeal (pdf)

World Diabetes Day and Children in Need (pdf)

SPCEDS Christmas Market (pdf)

Harvest Festival Collection (pdf)

Christmas Wrap Shop (pdf)

The Priory School Coffee Morning (pdf)

Y1, Y2 and Y3 Disco (pdf)

Y4, Y5 and Y6 Disco (pdf)

School Photographs (pdf)

Reading at SPCEDS (pdf)

Harvest Festival Church Service Years 1 - Years 6 (pdf)

Bite Size - Let's Talk Parenting - October 2017 (pdf)

Billy Bob Buttons Price List for Books Years 1 - Years 6 (pdf)

Billy Bob Buttons Visit Years 1 -  Year 6  (pdf)

SPCEDS Choir Letter - Upcoming Events - October 2017 (pdf)

Reminder - School Uniform (pdf)

Braiswick Individual School Photographs (pdf)

Pumpkin Festival 2017 (pdf)

Pumpkin Carving Tips (pdf)

New Entrants Open Mornings Sept 2018 (pdf)

Intended Visits & Visitors 2017 - 2018 (pdf)

STEM Festival (pdf)

STEM Taster Day Selected Children Only (pdf)

Macmillan Coffee Morning (pdf)

Peterborough Railways - Kids go free (pdf)

Mini Rugby (pdf)

Home Learning 2017 (pdf)

Parent Questionnaire (pdf)

SPCEDS End of Year Moderated Outcomes (pdf)

Sports Clubs Years 1 - 6 ONLY (pdf)

'Bite Size' Let's Talk Parenting (pdf)

Roald Dahl Day (pdf)

Children's Absences (pdf)

New Academic Year Newsletter (pdf)

School Uniform (pdf)



Summmer Reading Challenge (pdf)

Stronger Families (pdf)

Bite Size (pdf)

Choir Newsletter (pdf)

CHaOS Science Day (pdf)

Castle Cafe and Bar - Pupils with addtional needs (pdf)

Family Fun Day Fundraiser - CLAPA (pdf)

Term Dates 2017-2018 (pdf)

Parent Consultation Evening (pdf)

Sensory Needs Coffee Morning (pdf)

Y3 Y4 and Y5 Disco - July 2017 (pdf)

FS2 Y1 and Y2 Disco - July 2017 (pdf)

School Lunch Menu Change - 4th July 2017 (pdf)

Scholastic Book Fair June 17 (pdf)

Dyslexia Coffee Morning (pdf)

Election of Parent Governor (pdf)

Stay and Play and BBQ (pdf)

Summer Fayre (pdf)

Revised Times for Sports Day  (pdf)

Current Hot Weather (pdf)

Sports Day (pdf)

Sports for Champions - Olympian Visit (pdf)

School Lunches - 14th July 2017 (pdf)

Changing Families - Parenting for all (pdf)

Learn to Play Tennis (pdf)

Spalding Grammar School Year 4 & 5 Open Evening (pdf)

Head Teacher June 2017 (pdf)

Piano Lessons 2017-2018 (pdf)

Stay and Play Sport (pdf)

Music for Schools Brochure (pdf)

Music for Schools Enrolment (pdf)

Term 6 Hot Lunches (pdf)

SPCEDS Term 6 Menu (pdf)

One Little Word (pdf)

Deeping Lakes Open Day (pdf)

Letter from the Chair of Governors (pdf)

Class Photograph Orders - May 2017 (pdf)

General Election - June 8th (pdf)

Attendance Update May 2017 (pdf)

Half Term Kids Camp at Castle Sports Complex (pdf)

The Parenting Children Course (pdf)

Save the Date - Changing Families (pdf)

School Class Photograph April 2017 (pdf)

Stay and Play April 2017 (pdf)

School Crossing Patrol April 2017 (pdf)

Polling Day May 2017 (pdf)

Parent Drop in Spalding (pdf)

Parent Drop in at Holbeach (pdf)

Poppy's Dance Adademy (pdf)

Red Nose Day (pdf)

Dads Lads and Lasses - March (pdf)

SEN Coffee Morning Flyer (pdf)

SEN Coffee Mornings (pdf)

Stay and Play - March (pdf)

Science Week 13th - 17th March 2017 (pdf)

Parent Consultation Evenings (pdf)

Mothering Sunday Service (pdf)

Fit for Sport Activity Camps (pdf)

Recent Illnesses in School (pdf)

World Book Day 2017 (pdf)

500 Words (pdf)

Easter Eggstravaganza (pdf)

SPCEDS Got Talent - Reminder (pdf)

Y4, Y5 and Y6 School Disco (pdf)

Y1, Y2 and Y3 School Disco (pdf)

ADHD Information Evening (pdf)

Road Safety (pdf)

Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers (pdf)

Scholastic Book Fair (pdf)

Dads Lads and Lasses (pdf)

Number Day (pdf)

Stay and Play January - FS2 - Year 4 (pdf)

Children's Absences - Reminder (pdf)

SPCEDS Talent Show (pdf)

December Update (pdf)

Photography of Events (pdf)

Guide to Progess and Attainment (pdf)

KS2 Carol Concert - Arrangements (pdf)

Christmas Market Non-Uniform (pdf)

Parent/Carer Questionnaire - Term 2 (pdf)

Key Stage 2 Carol Concert (pdf)

SPCEDS Christmas Market (pdf)

AGAPE Contributions (pdf)

Telephone Problems (pdf)

Persistant Absence (pdf)

Stay and Play - November Session (pdf)

Admissions for September 2017 (pdf)

Parent Consultation Evening November 2016 (pdf)

World Diabetes Day and Children in Need - Mufti Day (pdf)

FS2 Open Morning (pdf)

Dads, Lads and Lasses Challenge (pdf)

Poppy Appeal (pdf)

Harvest Festival Collection (pdf)

English Lessons for Adults - Polish Version (pdf)

English Lessons for Adults - Lithuanian Version (pdf)

English Lessons for Adults (pdf)

Photograph Orders (pdf)

Tulip Radio Newsletter October (pdf)

Children's Fun Fashion Show (pdf)

Stay and Play October (pdf)

Braiswick Individual School Photographs October 2016 (pdf)

Home Learning (pdf)

Gardening in Lessons (pdf)

World's Biggest Coffee Afternoon (pdf)

Pumpkin Carving Tips (pdf)

SHDC Pumpkin Festival (pdf)

School Census - Nationality and Country of Birth (pdf)

English Opportunities (pdf)

Universal Eligibility Checking Service  (pdf)

Universal Checking Registration Form (pdf)

Publicty Consent (pdf)

Collection of Children (pdf)

Educational Visits, Food Tasting, PG films and Walking to Church (pdf)

Intended Visits & Visitors 2016-2017 (pdf)

Billy Bob Buttons Price List   (pdf)

Billy Bob Buttons (pdf)

NSPCC Speak Out. Stay Safe. (pdf)

Parenting Course Flyer (pdf)

Parenting Course Application (pdf)

School Uniform Polish (pdf)

School Uniform Lithuanian (pdf)

School Uniform (pdf)

Film Club (pdf)

Reminder - Children's Absences-Lithuanian (pdf)

Reminder - Children's Absences-Polish (pdf)

Reminder - Children's Absences (pdf)

Give it a Go! (pdf)

Jonahthan Livingston Seagull Workshops (pdf)

Changes to School Entry (pdf)

Roald Dahl Day (pdf)